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The bright light faded, swallowed up by gloom. Movement sounded nearby, and Cassie felt the proximity of others. One by one the party sounded off: Ryogan, Thandi, Leonard, and Cassie. None of them were injured, and none knew where they were, or what had happened to them after they had touched the monolith.

Light flared, and effectively blinded them. Through slitted eyes Cassie saw Thandi’s hand curled, and a small orb of light lifted from the woman’s hand. The light hovered upward until it stopped, and hung in place above Thandi’s shoulders, and above the heads of the rest of the group. As her eyes adjusted, the details of their location came into focus.

It appeared to be a long hallway, its walls made of a strange metal embossed with strange shapes or symbols. The metal absorbed the light, and left no reflection, as if it thirsted for the energy. It was a long, cold, steel tomb. Although the light did not extend far into the darkness, they could see the thick, undisturbed layer of dust stretched out on the hallway’s floor. The hallway was wide enough for two to walk abreast.

Together they ventured forth, their senses stretched out, and keened to try and pierce the dark.

An inhuman cry of pain and rage reverberated through the hall. Its source from some distance ahead, but the raw sound made it feel like it were all around them. The cry crawled through Cassie’s ears, mind, and slide down her spine. Shivers flowed in its wake, and a primal sensation of fear that surged from the pit of her stomach gripped her heart.

Without a word the four drew their weapons, their equipment rustled, and clicked as they prepared for whatever lay ahead.

<Cyborg beast encounter>

<Continue down hall to chamber>

<Find room with artifacts: weird grenade thing, other stuff?>

<Party splits -> Ryogen and Leonard, Cassie and Thandi>

<Large chamber with paneled floor>

<Floor panels fall, as do Thandi and Cassie>

It’s been a couple weeks, but I’ve been busy, and uninspired. But now the semester’s nearing the end (only exams left). The sun has returned (sort of. It had returned, but it’s raining right now). I through this up, and started the draft before… part three because I couldn’t find the outline notes for it. I’ll have to search for them.

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